MIDI Arpeggiator


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original Arpeggi8 site  - Meadowfield Technologies

Synth DIY Site

Tony Allgood        Oakley Sound Systems.

DIY Modules based on the MOTM format

Andy Wilson

Site dedicated to home made synth modules

Paul Maddox -      Modulus

Lots of useful info and links to other great sites

Neil Johnson

Neils Webbly world, inc Jenny !

Trevor Page

Creator of the 9090 drum machine.

Colin Fraser - Sequentix Music Systems

Inventor of the superb P3 sequencer

SDIY Mailing list

Mailing list for SDIY fanatics

Steve Thomas' website

Steve's site with his EMS clone and superb engraving service


Excellent JMJ tribute band with an impressive kit line up. Creator of the marvellous laser harp.

Bronte Vintage Gathering