MIDI Arpeggiator


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All done live demonstrating how easy (and fun) it is to get some great riffs.


arp_oct.mp3              small loop increasing the octave range from 1 to 3

arp_mod.mp3            small loop modulating the gate length

arp_gate.mp3            adjusting gate length manually

arp_drop.mp3            Arp till you drop...increasing the arp speed until the midi bus is packed out and the synth boms out.

drum1.mp3                Small loop using drums.


demo.mp3                 Short demo, using hold and octave switching and up/down.

demo1.mp3               Similar to the first demo, but with drums and An1x playing strings - drums by QY20

demo2.mp3               Cheesy riff from Chameleon with An1x chord sequence borrowed from Howard Jones - drums by QY20

demo3.mp3                AN1x and Chameleon playing strings and harp with simple TB-303 bassline.

demo4.mp3                Same setup as above minus the TB-303.