MIDI Arpeggiator


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Arpeggi8 is a simple to use, hardware based arpeggiator. Offering 1000's of pattern variations via a real time user interface with analogue controls. Input is via MIDI from a keyboard, pc or sequencer and the resulting patterns are transmitted via MIDI to a pc, sound module and MIDI CV interface.




Feb 2010

Its been a long time...  Arpeggi8 is still in my rack and still working. Last years Sdiy UK was a success and I resolved to try finish it for this years event.

I've finally dug out the newer version of the hardware (picture on the left) and decided that I have to change the micro in order to make use of newer devices with more memory and expandability.

Also in the 4 years I've sat idle, the rotary switches, push button switches and pots are now obsolete, so I will be sourcing fresh parts.

So watch this space as I hope to bring some updates in the coming months!


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