The UK synth DIY meets have taken place for about 5 years now. Here are some of my pics.


SDIY 2004 pics here

SDIY 2005 pics here


2002 at Paul Maddox' house Hereford.

Dual 9090 with Pauls Monowave

TB-303 clone with frostwave sequencer

Party on

Trevor Page trying to stay awake

Who is the superhero ?   is it Rosemary the telephone operator ?  no  it's Tony Allgood

ARP2600, Andy Wilsons Oakley Modular, Frostwave and that little PCB on top of the keyboard is Arpeggi8


SDIY 2003 Cambridge

Tony and his modular

Mr Maddox himself

Dave Hughes

Andy Wilson doing a bit of ironing ( actually it's an Alesis Ion )