Modular Synthesiser Cabinets



Based around the popular MOTM size, the standard designs are 20U x 5U single row and 20U x 5U double row.

Construction is 21mm thick oak - from a sustainable source of course. Joints are rebated and pinned.

There is a small rear panel in which the rear panel connectors are mounted.

Standard options are a switched IEC mains and an 8 pole Neutrik connector for CV, gate and power out to another cabinet.

All corners are 45 degree bevelled or roundover and the finish is a teak oil, it's a shame to spoil such a nice timber with a stain or varnish.


Dual Single row Cabinet


Corner detail



Mains and recessed connector detail

Complete examples



Alan McKerchar's modular system

This is Alans Awesome modular housed in four cabinets with side fixings.


The stand is custom made from steel and is all laser cut to get the curves.


Made primarily from Oakley modules in the MOTM format, but styled as EMS modules with a very nice silver finish and the customary coloured knob inserts.




More Pictures

Latest 12U mini two row cab



This design is available in both Oak and Mahogany. Corner detail can be square, bevel or 10mm round over.

I can fit any combination of connectors into the rear panel, Neutrik/IEC/jack sockets, etc.

I can also do custom size cabinets to order, i.e. double height, triple, digisound module (9x3). I will also undertake other cabinet work - see here.


A standard Oak 20U single row cabinet with mains connector fitted starts at 150, all other options are extras - please mail for a quote.


Collection in person is preferred from Keighley, West Yorkshire, but shipping can easily be arranged within the UK.

A single row cabinet weighs around 20Kg in adequate packaging, and costs around 20 to ship via parcelforce.

I will accept enquiries from overseas, but may ask the customer to arrange shipping and collection.


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